Filtering turned off

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Filtering turned off

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 9:33 pm

Relay-Version: version B 2.10 5/3/83; site utzoo.UUCP
Posting-Version: version B 2.10 UW 5/3/83; site uw-beaver
Path: utzoo!linus!decvax!ucbvax!ucbcad!tektronix!uw-beaver!info-mac
From: [email protected]
Subject: Filtering turned off
Date: Fri, 29-Jun-84 13:19:38 EDT
Article-I.D.: uw-beave.1001
Posted: Fri Jun 29 13:19:38 1984
Date-Received: Sun, 1-Jul-84 00:38:51 EDT
Sender: [email protected]
Organization: U of Washington Computer Science
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From: Ed Pattermann
Since I will be out of town for the next ten days, INFO-MAC will resort back
to a direct distribution list, i.e. no filtering. The biggest change you'll
see other than a few garbage messages here and there is that if you send
messages to [email protected], you'll get back any messages that could not be
delivered to the list for one reason or another (like host down, bad address,
etc.). I'll resume the RESENDING of the messages when I return on July 11th.

-- Ed