Need help on Text Edit guts

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Need help on Text Edit guts

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 9:23 pm

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Subject: Need help on Text Edit guts
Date: Tue, 26-Jun-84 16:14:55 EDT
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From: Mike Schuster
Has anyone seen documentation on the following issues concerning
the Text Edit Manager:

1) When the text gets to big (e.g. free memory is exhausted),
TEPaste and TEKey (etc) do things to the text edit record and its
graph port that are not documented in the 9/28/83 guide. What
is the proper way to learn about and handle these cases?

2) How are the text edit globals 'tescrplength' and 'tescrphandle'
changed when the scrap gets large? I have noticed that disk io
occurs when a very large piece of text is TECUT or TECOPY'ed.
This too, does not seem to be documented.

3) When bringing up dialogs and alerts (especially after calling
ParamText to update static text) the text edit globals 'tescrplength'
and 'tescrphandle' seem to get changed. When else does this happen?

4) The hooks 'wordbreak', 'clickloop', and 'tewdbreak' are not documented.
What are the argument passing conventions to these routines? I know
I could use the Disassembler, but does anyone have some info?

5) TECalText seems to ignore the field 'TELength', sometimes. Is calling
NewHandleSize on 'hText' necessary and/or sufficient?

If no one has the answers, maybe some certified developer could ask Apple
for internal documentation on text edit? Needless to say, I will
release the SUMACC source for my text editor to as well as
a list of hints as soon as I can resolve these (and a few other) issues.

([email protected], [email protected])