StartupScreen and ScreenMaker

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StartupScreen and ScreenMaker

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 11:18 pm

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Subject: StartupScreen and ScreenMaker
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From: Bill Croft
Apple has also given us their ScreenMaker program. This program reads
the upper left corner of a MacPaint document and converts it to a 20K byte
file called StartupScreen. If this file is present at boot time, it is
displayed instead of the "Welcome to Macintosh" message you normally
see. (If you are using Macsbug AND StartupScreen, a tiny line lights up
at the top of screen, in place of the "Macsbug loaded" message).
A disadvantage of StartupScreen: it takes up space on your disk and
causes startup to be about a half-second longer than normal.

The ScreenMaker is archived on SUMEX (FTP login: anonymous) on
screenmaker.rsrc. You must retrieve it with "tenex" or "type l 8"
FTP mode, since it is an 8 bit file. After transfering it to your local
UNIX, download it with "macput -r screenmaker".