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Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 9:50 pm

Relay-Version: version B 2.10 5/3/83; site utzoo.UUCP
Posting-Version: version B 2.10 UW 5/3/83; site uw-beaver
Path: utzoo!watmath!clyde!burl!mgnetp!ihnp4!houxm!houxz!vax135!cornell!uw-beaver!info-mac
From: [email protected] (info-mac)
Subject: mailing list
Date: Fri, 29-Jun-84 16:25:42 EDT
Article-I.D.: uw-beave.1002
Posted: Fri Jun 29 16:25:42 1984
Date-Received: Sun, 1-Jul-84 06:30:47 EDT
Sender: [email protected]
Organization: U of Washington Computer Science
Lines: 14

From: Richard Pavelle
Received: from SCRC-STONY-BROOK by SCRC-TENEX with CHAOS; Thu 21-Jun-84 07:51:25-EDT
Received: from DUPAGE by SCRC-STONY-BROOK via CHAOS with CHAOS-MAIL id 53088; Thu 21-Jun-84 07:44:40-EDT
Date: Thursday, 21 June 1984, 07:42-EDT
From: Richard Pavelle
Subject: mailing list
To: info-mac%sumex-aim at CSNET-RELAY
Cc: rp at SCRC-TENEX
In-reply-to: The message of 19 Jun 84 19:44-EDT from John Palevich

Please take me off this list. Thanks.
Please take me off this list. Thanks.