Instant Pascal execution speed

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Instant Pascal execution speed

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 10:15 pm

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Subject: Instant Pascal execution speed
Date: Sun, 15-Jul-84 00:38:59 EDT
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Does anyone know more about Instant Pascal's execution speed on modest
benchmarks such as Wirth's 8-Queens or the other benchmarks commonly

I am curious about just how efficient the compiled 68000 machine
language is. I have heard that it is 80% the speed of reasonable
hand-coded assembly language, but that seems unlikely because it is

The company told me on the phone that it is 50-100 times slower
than what one might expect from a compiled Pascal program running on
the Macintosh (if such existed). This didn't really answer my question.

Any leads on this would be appreciated.