MacPascal Benchmark

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MacPascal Benchmark

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 11:28 pm

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Subject: MacPascal Benchmark
Date: Tue, 3-Jul-84 22:42:55 EDT
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Posted: Tue Jul 3 22:42:55 1984
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From: Stuart Reges
A simple Pascal benchmark is given by the recursive fibonnaci calculation:

program Fibonnaci (input, output);
var number: integer;

function fib (arg: integer): integer;
if arg ');
readln (number);
if number 0 then writeln ('answer = ', fib (number));
until number = 0;

This benchmark involves addition and a lot of function calls. The complexity
of this calculation is (phi)^n where phi = golden ratio = (SQRT(5) + 1)/2. A
nice property of this benchmark is that every time you increase "n" by 5 you
increase the complexity by a factor of about 11.

Here are some figures I got from three different systems that will be used for
instruction at Stanford next Fall:

"n" Waterloo MacPascal MacPascal DEC-20 Pascal
Interpretter (integer) (longint) Compiled
15 50 seconds 6.7 seconds 5.9 seconds
20 540 seconds 70.5 seconds 63.5 seconds 0.2 seconds
25 702.0 seconds 1.7 seconds
30 19.7 seconds

The Waterloo Pascal Interpretter runs on an IBM/PC. The MacPascal version
using INTEGER could not calculate FIB (25) because it is greater then MAXINT.
I don't know why the LONGINT version should be faster. That is
counter-intuitive for me. The DEC-20 Pascal is Hedricks compiler from Rutgers.
The time reported is actual CPU time. Other calculations were done with a
wrist-watch, but should be accurate to within a quarter second.

This is using the Beta version of MacPascal released last week.