Unix sources -- hangman --> licensed Unix source code?

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Unix sources -- hangman --> licensed Unix source code?

Post by Info-Mac » August 27th, 1984, 10:11 pm

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Subject: Unix sources -- hangman --> licensed Unix source code?
Date: Sat, 30-Jun-84 09:34:03 EDT
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Posted: Sat Jun 30 09:34:03 1984
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From: Lauren Weinstein
There is apparently some concern within AT&T entities which read
INFO-MAC regarding the "hangman" sources that an INFO-MAC
person recently made available to the readership of this list.

I might point out that as far as I know, those hangman sources
are covered by the Unix source license agreement, as is the
word list that the same person decided to distribute. The original
Unix hangman game with which I am familiar (and on which most other
versions were based) was indeed licensed code, and I know for a fact
that the word list is definitely considered to be licensed as well.

Unless there is convincing evidence to the contrary, please be
warned that the use or distribution of those materials, unless you
have the appropriate Unix licenses for THE MACHINE ON WHICH
YOU ARE USING THOSE MATERIALS (i.e. your MAC!) could result in
serious legal action by AT&T.

In general, it is NOT legal to just run around porting anyone's
sources or other materials and freely use/distribute them, unless you are
ABSOLUTELY certain that they do not contain materials which were
part of licensed software.