DIY Advice to repair an M001

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DIY Advice to repair an M001

Post by msp » December 17th, 2013, 9:52 pm

Took the plunge and bought a vintage m001 sight unseen to gift to an Apple fanatic son. Unfortunately, while the Mac functions, the disk drive may be on its last legs. This unit came with an external drive, as the internal drive doesn't seem to work. While the external does read and boots up, etc., it won't Eject via menu selection so I need to use the paper clip trip to force eject. Also, when the disk is being read, the drive is louder than it should be.

So, I'm trying to open up the chassis to see if I can get the internal drive working. I'd at least like to try and clean the drive and maybe position it better. While I've managed to get all the screws out, the chassis is not opening up...likely due to nearly 30 years of never being opened.

Long winded way of asking...anyone have advice about how to open up the m001?

Appreciate anything that will help me get this unit working better before it is gifted this Christmas. 8)

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Re: DIY Advice to repair an M001

Post by wove » December 21st, 2013, 6:54 am

Make sure you get the screws down inside the handle. To open the case you would or perhaps only should use a case cracker. A search of the internet should turn up an assortment of differing tools that have been used to get into the cases of the classis Macs. Might even turn up up ideas digging through old InfoMac posts. InfoMac has been around since the beginning.

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