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Hey Hey! Is this a Typical Macintosh SE M5011? Need Someone More Experienced Than I, Please!! :)

Posted: June 27th, 2020, 8:24 pm
by rgb360
Hey everybody!
I'm new to the forum, and quite honestly not the most experienced in all things Vintage Apple. So excuse my lack-of knowledge!
My family owned a Computer Refurbishing / Recycling Center, and we used to get & sell a lot of vintage PC's and Macs on eBay -
But we had this one laying around after we closed the business, which we had originally deemed to not be valuable - at all (Which
Seems silly as they do sell on eBay often, even for $125+...So I don't know why we didn't sell it) But anyway -

I've come to learn that the Macintosh SE line has the engraved signatures on each model on the Inside wall - which seems pretty typical.
But I'm unsure from my web searches as to a truthful answer if this effects the value of this machine at all. Or if every model SE contained all signatures. It works & is overall really clean w/ a ImageWriter II, and appears to have all of the signatures, including Steve Jobs. But...Again....Does that mean anything?

It's a Model No: M5011 (1 Mbyte RAM, 800K Drive, 20SC Hard Disk)
But on the inside wall, near the signatures there was an Apple Model # there too that Read "815-0960-C8"
Things in Question.jpg
I can find other models online that were sold that were C2, or I believe other combinations but I'm having the HARDEST time
finding if the C8 refers to a specific Unit or Build, or if it's just a generic M5011 Macintosh SE -

I imagine this is a common question, so again Excuse my Lack of knowledge. But I didn't want to list the unit for the wrong price, if it was anything specific or special. I imagine, it's just the typical Unit that others may have - but I figured coming here to a Vintage Mac Forum
I would probably have a good group of people here that know what they're talking about.

I hope all of that makes sense! I attached photos and everything so maybe that will make things easier.
If it is Valuable, or If it's not - I'm also curious if you know how much I may be able to sell the pair for!

Thank you All Who Read this or try to help!


Re: Hey Hey! Is this a Typical Macintosh SE M5011? Need Someone More Experienced Than I, Please!! :)

Posted: June 29th, 2020, 12:51 pm
by Turboladdade
The signatures were present in some form through all the original classic Macs until the early 90s, although fewer and fewer as time went on and more features were added/changed.

A completely working SE with an internal hard drive and software already loaded should still fetch a good price on eBay. It looks to be in great condition, hardly yellowing or dirt/grime!