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10 Years of old Apple II and Mac Usenet posts now online

Posted: December 10th, 2009, 2:45 pm
by Dog Cow
10 Years of old Apple II and Mac Usenet posts now online at Mac GUI Vault

09 December 09 -- Today, the Mac GUI Vault collection is excited to have
expanded its Usenet archive to include a quarter of a million Usenet posts
from the 80's and early 90's on the Apple II and Macintosh.

These posts are now online and fully searchable, and cover 35 newsgroups
including: comp.binaries.apple2, comp.binaries.mac,,
net.micro.mac,, and comp.sys.mac. In addition, several
newsgroups including topics such as the Pascal language, CP/M, and
microcomputers in general were included.

Mac GUI Vault was fortunate to have acquired a copy of the UTZoo archive
from the University of Western Ontario, which is the same source that
provided the basis for Google Groups. However, Mac GUI Vault offers the
following advantages over Google's collection:

- All binary posts have been made available.

The binary posts are some of the most fascinating aspects of the Vault
Usenet archive, as these newsgroups contain thousands of programs and source
code listings which haven't seen the light of day in literally 20 or more
years. Though Google indexed the binary posts from their archive donors,
Google chose not to make any binary content available to the public.

- No posts have been removed or hidden.

Google provides a way for users to manually remove selected posts from their
archive, or to automatically remove all posts made by a single email
address. While certainly not all of the thousands of removed posts would be
of interest today, some might be. In light of that potential risk, Mac GUI
Vault currently will not honor any requests to remove or alter any posts in
its archive.

- No email addresses or other message content have been obfuscated.

With the overwhelming majority of email addresses from the past decade being
no longer valid, obfuscating them as Google does makes no sense. Aside from
being a bit of a distraction, not having the full email address makes
searches by author and email address more difficult.

Mac GUI Vault is currently looking for more Apple II and Macintosh Usenet
posts covering the early 1990's and onward, and would welcome any donations.
In addition, more newsgroups and posts from the UTZoo archive may be added
later, covering more general computing areas outside of Apple Computer's own

In addition to historic Apple II and Mac Usenet posts, Mac GUI Vault also
maintains a growing archive of current posts from 2006 up to today.
Anonymous users may freely read and search the discussions, while registered
users may post new threads and replies via a web interface.

Mac GUI Vault's Usenet Archive is available at the following URL:

A Frequently Asked Questions list on Mac GUI Vault's Usenet Archive is
available here: