Give us your opinion - get a FREE license!

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Give us your opinion - get a FREE license!

Post by SecretMacApp » December 10th, 2009, 6:53 pm

In January 2010 our team is going to release a system utility that combines tools for privacy protection, security, speedup, disk space cleanup, backup, recovery and some other special features.
With powerful features and gorgeous design it still doesn't have a name. We used two code names - MacAura and MacKeeper - while developing it.Everyone who will give us their feedback on which name is better or suggest a better one will get a 1-year subscription for this software COMPLETELY FREE.
Send us a personal message on this forum or an email to vote(at)SecretMacApp(dot)com with your suggestion (what name you like and why*) and a valid email address (so we can contact you) BEFORE DECEMBER, 14.

Your opinion makes a difference!

*Votes that will not contain any description of why you like a certain name will not count.
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