A-Shirt, high impact t-shirts for Apple fans

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A-Shirt, high impact t-shirts for Apple fans

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A-Shirt celebrates this week its first birthday with the launch of an improved website and a new t-shirt collection for Apple fans. After one crazy year to create a custom made collection of t-shirts, we are now ready to start 2016 with a special holiday promotion.

Part of the X-Shirt project (which aims to disrupt the textile industry one t-shirt fan at a time), A-Shirt offers high quality and sustainable t-shirts 100% made in Peru and, of course, exclusively designed for Apple fans.

Discover all the details about A-Shirt and join us with a yearly membership at the reduced holiday price of $ 199.-

-> Get all the informations here https://www.a-shirt.club

Learn more about the X-Shirt impact at http://www.x-shirt.club/impact

And if you have any question, I'm more than happy to share more about this very special project.

Thank you

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