iBook G4 battery

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iBook G4 battery

Post by skasmo » January 13th, 2008, 12:12 pm

My ibooks battery will barely hold a charge now. On the better battery life setting I am getting a full 12 minutes. It tells me that i have low batter life when the bar is still at 50%. Do i need a new battery? If so, how much will this cost me?
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Re: iBook G4 battery

Post by mrkramer » January 13th, 2008, 2:09 pm

Is it a 12" and did this just happen suddenly? if it did then check here https://support.apple.com/ibook_powerbo ... yexchange/ and see if your battery is covered, if not I haven't looked, but my guess is a new battery will be around $100.
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Re: iBook G4 battery

Post by Turboladdade » January 13th, 2008, 5:06 pm

A new battery would probably be what you need, however did this problem just suddenly come up? Typically, battery life diminishes slowly over time - it should not be one hour one month and twelve minutes the next month.

I would go with an aftermarket battery, such as the ones available from Newer Technology:


Newer Tech offers higher capacity batteries than original Apple ones, which will give you up to 22% longer battery life then a brand new Apple battery for about the same price.
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