iMac mouse cursor moves by itself

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iMac mouse cursor moves by itself

Post by Aqwerfass » August 11th, 2011, 7:43 am

I have a new imac and i satisfied with it..)But something is annoying me.. its mouse curser moving to left!!please help me!!anybody...
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Re: iMac mouse cursor moves by itself

Post by kriegvision » August 12th, 2011, 12:32 pm

Are you by any chance using your iMac's mouse over a glossy varnish or glass surface? If so that may aversely affect optical mouse behavior.

If you're using a Magic Trackpad, then make sure its surface is clean of any residue or moisture.
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Re: iMac mouse cursor moves by itself

Post by davidchristmass » October 17th, 2011, 12:55 am

Sure, I got something to add, my original imac had a ball, and the sensors clogged up on it and needed cleaning, (remember those good old days!) but then apple invented the infra red mouse for the later models, of imac, and I bought an infra red mouse, and true, one day some clown gave me a mac mat with a picture on it, and the cursor moved on the screen, and jumped just like your problem. If you have a mouse mat, you should use a plain mouse mat, not one with a pattern on it: such a small point but true, it drives you nuts.

Assuming your mouse, is infra red, and your mat is one colour with no pattern or adverts on it, then there is some other aspect of stupidity people do.

I have known people use what is known as radio lights, these are very small and directional lamps that have no light, they are just intensified radio beams or beacons. I have had people really try to piss me off my mac, here in shared quarters, student life, and all that.

Another thing people have done, is shite keyboards with radon gasses, from radio active water tracer.

We also have undergone significant amounts of tech dev, where people tx using light, that affects the mouse behaviour also.

What I did, to stop this is clean the mouse, with soap and water. I then, got a British Standard plug top, which is of thick dense BLACK plastic, and put it right over the top of the optical sensors. Over night the pricks trying to shit my happy mac life up, just vanished! I have to state that the infra red mouse, was a USB mouse, from a real cheap German vendor brand. Its a fire thing, infra red colour worries fire peoples, but if they cant see the light, they can't track and harrass the mouse.

Obviously USB springs also, I think Amphenol Whitstable kent, UK are doing now a military grade USB plug, that instead of Springs are using a solid ball bearing, (Prince Andrew, I think has had his man design it for the navy boys.) Pure springs alone, just ain't good enough with heat and cold the springs expand and contract, eventually working looser. What is different, is a ball, retained in by a smaller hole in the molding, and under a coiled spring, not a lever spring. So simple, such a difference between failure and success.

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