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Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 19th, 2011, 3:36 pm
by Elizabeth Noble
Does anyone have the installer for this Classic application?

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 20th, 2011, 11:56 am
by davidchristmass
Goodday Liz, I am responding to this as Adobe are in Scotland.

I don't know too much about the specifics of the application, Adobe persuasion, but what little I do know about the Adobe recent devs, has not been too good. I still use, and make Adobe pdf files for Acrobat reader 4 on Mac, that does not have all the multimedia features, of later versions, and I guess persuasion is one of these. Adobe saw a future in aquiring, buying out the Shockwave and Macromedia companies, when they failed. A new team of people came in, and rewrote the standard of pdf files, to include multimedia features, instead of leaving it where it was, and devising a new form for their new techology.And this created no end of greif for many academics, and publishers. I would personally advise using the quicktime format for multimedia presentations, because of this.

But I guess you are wanting to create presentations, using something that has more accesible features than qt, and so here is my best advice on getting what you want.

As far as I am aware, and the reviews online go, Persuasion 4 shipped out on CD rom, and like most companies, Adobe are pretty clued up on not letting there be a free for all about their products.

So your best approach, if you lost one of your disks, is to speak direct to Adobe, and get them to send one over, which I am sure they will do, once they have established your customer id, is valid.
The double play on that is buy following that approach, you will pass over info about your existing package, which will allow them to track and trace and disable to clown that tried to screw you over, if they find them using your disk.

But if you still have the original disk, and it ain't been theived, then that's even better for all.

The chances are, that someone has tried to theif your rights, as is so often the case, and tried to knife up your rom, with a small scratch, which is what these b....tard advoates of alternative energies did to me here in the uk, did to my Nisus rom.

But the good news is that you can get repairs done to your CD rom disks professionally, they use a very fine grade of plastic polish, (not T-cut you use on your car) and also they coat the rom with a lacquer which allows you to read the data.

Once you have done this, I suggest you duplicate the disk, for safe keeping, as advised in the manuals, and run the installer from the rom. You are allowed one backup, legally, and you must not part with your original disks to third parties.

The final option is that of buying a second hand bundle, of disks from an online source like ebay.

The only problem with that, is that Adobe, as a company, are real hot, (as I have said) on ensuring what was sold, was sold, and ain't re-sold, undermining their pleas to buy the latest offering.

Really, having earlier versions of software is better. Your objective is getting your message to as many people as possible, and that requires a common standard. People offer up online literally thousands of pdf's that just won't open using Acrobat 4, so they restrict the readers to those that have the latest software.

If someone says to me, if you don't have this file format, or software package, you can't read my work, I say, either print on paper, or chose a common file form. For those that cant conform to common standard, if I can't read the work, I am not too fussed about missing the information.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 20th, 2011, 12:03 pm
by Elizabeth Noble
Thanks. I just have the application on a CD that I created, but somehow no installer files.
I just need to retrieve one presentation.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 20th, 2011, 4:43 pm
by davidchristmass
If its a presentation file you need to read, as a one off, there is a slight chance in three places. One, Adobe offer some kind of translation service, themselves. Two, Google translate, doc services, that might be able to get the presentation into something more common, like jpeg or png. Three, a search over on google, might offer some third party server, file or doc translation sevices, as a one off freebie, tester. As for extracting, by looking at the real hex bits, adobe files especially movie files are tightly compressed, so its not just a case of looking up the resource forks, and pulling out a few slides intact.

I got caught out with MS Excel version 1 on Sys 7 I gon and done the whole time line, or entrances and exists of Measure for mesure and another shakespeare play, for the university non-sense and when I did an upgrade, MS lost all knowledge of the old format that was with 7, and Excel version 2 which they made for 8 could not read even their own file format.

I think adobe are a little better than that, but I sure learned my lesson on file formats, stick with the base ones, exotic file formats a great for here and now, but ten years on they just tell you its out of date.

As for the copy of the installer, of the application, I can't assist on that what so ever, all I can say about backing up, is its the way you image the disk that is important, if you have not imaged the installer, you will have to obtain it from your original source disk.

Adobe won't assist, if you are not on their records as first time owner. Its awful, I know, if someone just leant you the application to open up the presentation, and really Adoble sure don't deserve to be so hardline on it, especially after the mess they left the academics in with failed protected, wmf pdf files, and all the data losses, but thats the way of witts, Adobe is a massive company, and has to claw in as much as it can to support overheads, and if they have not goofed up, they really won't support their losses. If you are in, or at, or associated, in anyway to a college, acad institute, or jolly a print bureau, that has a overhead site licence, which I guess you are coming from, if someone has done that to you, they are sure to be able to get the file format at least into slides, a set of jpegs of gifs. Try Academic Computer services department ACS they call them here, it is then its just a case of altering the graphics you need to, with some paint package, and cut and pasting back into QT (that is if you have QT pro, which is worth it, just for that aspect of things.) I don't have persuasion anywhere, on of offline, or I would offer to translate it.

There must be someone on the board that does have it. Good luck

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 20th, 2011, 4:49 pm
by Turboladdade
Even if you do find a copy of Adobe Persuasion somewhere, it's not going to run on your Mac if it has an Intel processor, or if its running Leopard or higher. You'll need a PowerPC Mac running Tiger with Classic Environment installed, and then cross your fingers that such an old application will even run in Classic Environment.

Your best bet for old stuff like this is the LEM Swap email list:

The last mention of Persuasion for sale there I see is 2009, but people don't always list everything they have, they'll just wait for someone to ask.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 20th, 2011, 5:24 pm
by Elizabeth Noble
Thanks, I have a friend with Classic running. Just missing the installer files...Tried the LEM Swap group, they had version 3.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 20th, 2011, 5:53 pm
by Turboladdade
If you want to spend $70 you can buy it right here.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 20th, 2011, 9:48 pm
by Elizabeth Noble
Thanks. I just need the installer file and would like to save $70 if possible.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 20th, 2011, 10:46 pm
by Turboladdade
Well, we can't really just *give* you commercial software. You're probably going to have to buy it somewhere from somebody, or take care of it with someone in a private manner.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 21st, 2011, 12:23 am
by Elizabeth Noble
I did already purchase the software. Paid in full for all the versions, years ago. I have everything but the installer file and I would like to avoid buying the entire software again just for one presentation I failed to export.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 21st, 2011, 10:07 am
by Turboladdade
Well, like I said, I'm sure somebody on the LEM Swap list that I mentioned previously would be willing to either give it to you or sell it to you for like $5 or $10.

Re: Adobe Persuasion 4

Posted: October 21st, 2011, 11:38 am
by davidchristmass
Turbolad is telling you straight. Adobe are real tight on warez spiffing. I believe you, but we got two aspects to the case. If you bought a complete pack, you would have all the disks that match: yer its that bad, one disk out of serial, and the install goes awol.

The adobe people also have a pay per incident, line, but guess what, its free phone and they will call you back, to have a nice ole chit chat all courtesy of the duke of ED for a right royal service! Here is the US local free phone, number

Still need help?

Adobe offers paid phone support for a US$39 fee per incident as well as other customized support options. To purchase support, call
800-833-6687. To avoid waiting on hold, request a callback from the first available agent. You can also schedule a callback for a more convenient time.

Now aint that nice, they ain't gonna charge you $39 bucks for your making the phone call even, but you know you were having a real christ m ass day legging it down the broadwalk trying to catch up lost time coz you were up all night back dating you ole pdf files to an earlier version, and being so exhaused by the stress of all the events, an all that, you were late for an interview right, an yer artist document case just haply was open a tad, and one of the disks just haply went rolling down the road, you did your best, but not be Seb Coe, or Roger banister, you tried to chase after it, but before you could get there, as one does, it just haply fell down the drain. Oh the woe, and sadness! And after about 20 minutes the ole civics turn up trying to fish the disk from the bottom of the well, but they just could not get there hands down far enough to reach it. And worse, in the process, everyone got covered in grime, and dirt, and your new frock which you were wearing for the presentation, well it needed servere cleaning down sketchly the dry cleaners, and you got the receipts to prove it, right, if they can't coff up with some assistance, as obligation, you will be more than happy to send them the bill for the whole party, and at that I bet the guy will say, go on with you 40cent cd rom in the post pronto. What they need is the exact serial number of your reg, and the exact serial numbers that are on the disk. They will probably ask you to fax a photocopy of the disk as proof of originality, to some number. And that will be all, as you only one disk out of the pack, right? That is you best shot, and chances are they'll just send the disk out just for the originality of the story! Worth the effort? Good luck.

Good l