Damage to iTunes from the program "Hear"--??!

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Damage to iTunes from the program "Hear"--??!

Post by Starburst1 » January 3rd, 2013, 11:32 pm

I've been enjoying the new iTunes, but tonight some 3d party audio program I installed may have corrupted part of it. Anyone reading this should make sure to never install the music equalization software called "Hear". I could easily see going through it's feature-set that it was garbage, but I tried playing an album from my iTunes Library just for the hell of it anyway, (Mistake!!) and the ultra-scratchy sonics overlayed onto what was left of the music through my new speakers was horrendous. After deleting "Hear" from the Trash and carefully troubleshooting, it's clear that the problem is either with some damage done to iTunes, or to some other aspect of Mt. Lion that assists with audio.

Re-booting didn't clear the problem, and nothing happens when I try to re-intall a fresh copy of iTunes. It looks as though Apple's iTunes system recognizes (?) that I already have the most current version so then doesn'tt allow a download to complete...but I can't tell-- there's no alert saying that. Can someone help? Many thanks...ArtStart1
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Re: Damage to iTunes from the program "Hear"--??!

Post by mark_42 » January 14th, 2013, 5:26 pm

Try deleting the iTunes app as well as it's prefs file and then try installing a fresh copy of iTunes. That might work. One other thing, if Hear came with an uninstall program try running that before doing the above.
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