AirPort Express audio sounds via MacBook Pro.

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AirPort Express audio sounds via MacBook Pro.

Postby MiMo » January 4th, 2013, 8:29 am

I currently have an Airport Express, the one that's linked to my macbook network via its connection through the electrical mains (generation relating to, and bought early 2010). It has a centred (a green) light in the middle unit. I have my speaker connected to it and the internet cable too, both beneath the unit. I'm able to play my iTunes from the speakers, as well as my music library on my iPhone 4s on the same home Network.

What I'm enquiring about, is the possibility to have, say another audio sounds via the Airport terminal and not just using only the internal MacBook Pro speakers? I want to be able to listen e.g., BBC radio stations or if I'm watching a film off my MacBook to have the audio sound played of the external speaker that's connected to the Airport device, or other such audio sounds I may be listening to on the MacBook Pro. Is there a set up, software or a combination of the two that I need to do to be able to listen to audio streamed to the speaker?
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