About installing Lion os x in new SSD

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About installing Lion os x in new SSD

Postby Sash » February 24th, 2013, 3:57 am

Dear all

I switched to mac before a year or so.but i’m still don’t know many about this new environment (in deep).
I have few questions I would like to ask, & seeking for your generosity in providing me the necessary knowledge.

I recently bought Macbook pro (i7, third generation-non retina).it came with slow 5400 rpm HDD.i decided to buy SSD (SATA III), & to replace-it.
Now, I read many posts about it is not wisable to clone from HDD to SSD using software like SuperDuper or CCCloner, due to different sector alignments & something like that..Instead, download a copy from apple store, & burn it to DVD.(but this method is not reachable for me at this time).

I always prefer to perform clean install (in windows pc).

My question about this matter is:
My friend gave me old copy (on bootable DVD) of Mac “Lion” OS.(he downloaded before 1 year from the internet, from some “warez” software website ).he said that I can used this dvd to boot & install Lion on new SSD.

But..is this early version from Lion will be compatible with new MBP? Meaning when he download this OS Lion, it was (Lion) designed for MBP with 2nd generation intel, & most important designed for READON graphic card, & 2.0 USB.while what I have is nvidia DDR5 with 1 GB with 3.0 USB.
Is this will be compatible to install on my new mac? Also, is this “Clean” copy of Lion? No adds-on on it?
No hidden mall software? No tweaking is made? Please advice.

Also please:
Regarding SSD, I choose Kingston SSD with sata3..& this drive built in sandforce (I do not know what does this mean)..however, I read that many people advised to make “Trim” process after installing any new SSD, while many others advised NOT to do so (to leave the drive as it is).
What is the best approach/steps please?

Thank you in advance for given me some from your precious time.
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Re: About installing Lion os x in new SSD

Postby Turboladdade » February 24th, 2013, 1:12 pm

If that particular MacBook came from the factory with Snow Leopard or lower, then yes it'll be compatible with a retail Lion installer. However if it came from the factory with Lion or later, then no it probably won't be. It doesn't matter what graphics card or processor you have, all copies of Mac OS include all the drivers needed for any supported system. We can't tell you the specifics about what your pirated copy of Mac OS may or may not contain. We cannot discuss software piracy here.

It'd be helpful if you could give us the exact model number.
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Re: About installing Lion os x in new SSD

Postby Sash » February 24th, 2013, 11:32 pm

thank you

it came with Lion built in OS.i will perform installation demo in another old hdd to see the result.& inform back.
thank you again

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