Suggestions on Repairing a 2nd Generation iPod Nano's Screen

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Suggestions on Repairing a 2nd Generation iPod Nano's Screen

Post by Barryblade » November 7th, 2011, 3:57 pm

I have a 4GB 2nd generation iPod Nano with what I think is a defective screen. The iPod is in mint condition, and while I had it in the coin pocket of a pair of jeans, I bent over slightly to grab something. The screen is not cracked at all, but all it shows is a white screen. I've reset it several times, and it shows up fine in iTunes when hooked up to my computer (the iPod--not the screen). I have noticed when I let the iPod's battery drain almost completely, the screen will reappear to normal. I know it would probably cost too much to send off to fix, but thought I would ask the community for any possible suggestions on cheaply fixing this problem.

I also have a white iMac from 2005-2006 (last Power PC model before Apple went to all Intel processors) whose logic board is broken. Actually it is the video card that is inside the logic board that is broken, and the only way to fix the screen that shows colored small bricks all over and blocks the desktop is to replace the logic board. Since it is considered a "vintage computer" by Apple (a computer older than five years but younger than seven), by law Apple does not have to stock the parts. I did some research, and found out there was a manufacturing defect in the display on this model. I had bought this computer for my mom who never used a computer before this one. I bought Apple's extended warranty, and within a few years a couple of lines appeared on the display that looked like dead pixels. I asked my mom if she wanted me to have it fixed under the warranty, and she said it wasn't a big deal to her. Long story short, I have the iMac, and wanted to ask if anybody knows where I could sell the unit at a nominal fee to somebody for for parts?


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Re: Suggestions on Repairing a 2nd Generation iPod Nano's Screen

Post by Turboladdade » November 7th, 2011, 8:24 pm

With regards to the iMac part of your question (really aught to be a separate thread), G5 and earlier white Intel iMacs are notorious for this. In fact there is a huge thread about it at Apple. Perhaps you'll have luck digging through those posts.
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