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Post by Info-Mac » January 11th, 1996, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/vir/hyper-g ... er-127.hqx

HyperGatekeeper is an anti-viral stack for all known HyperCard script
viruses. It is designed to detect unknown viruses as well, but whether
that will work or not depends on the individual viruses.

This stack has been tested with all the viruses I had on hand (for some
reason, HyperCard viruses are hard to find; I had to write almost all of
the test viruses myself).

I have tried to make this stack the best it can be, but then no security
is perfect. Any suggestions or complaints are welcome. (Please give a
reason for your complaint, not just "I hate this thing; I'm not using it.")

This version (1.2.7) will detect viruses that try to evade HGK by
unlocking a stack, infecting it, and then locking it again. To prevent
the annoying problem of having to answer modification dialogs on old
stacks after installing a new version of HGK, this version includes an
updater that will upgrade an installed (in the Home stack) copy of
version 1.2.5.

Wolfgang McKeown 8-)
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