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Post by Info-Mac » February 25th, 1996, 11:00 am


Rudolph is an automated merryxmas and merry2xmas virus fighter. It can detect
and disinfect stacks infected with the merryxmas virus. Further, it inoculates
stacks against ever being infected. Rudolph is a major improvement over other
anti-merryxmas stacks in the following ways:
1) automated execution and quitting (runs unattended in "Startup Items" or
"Shutdown Items")
2) inoculation of stacks - prevent infection before it happens!
3) an option for single-file checking, disinfection, and inoculation (and not
just an entire volume)
Rudolph was created by Jeff Inglis and Jim Rodda, of the Middlebury College
Language Schools.
The merryxmas and merry2xmas viruses are HyperCard-only viruses.

Jeff Inglis
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