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SAM 4 Virus Defs 11/95

Posted: November 27th, 1995, 11:00 am
by Info-Mac
Download: ... -95-11.hqx

This is the latest version (4.07, 11/22/95) of SAM virus definitions
for version 4 of SAM. Do not use with version 3.

Sorry, no equivalent for SAM-3 was on CompuServe's Symantec forum. The
below message from Stephen Zeffren explains the update.

Al Bloom

New SAM Virus Definitions file and SAM Help file for DETECTION ONLY of
the new MSWord Macro Viruses. Download this file, expand by double
clicking on it, and then drop the two files onto your System folder to
replace the older files there now. Restart and you're set.