Virex 3.x Virus Definitions

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Virex 3.x Virus Definitions

Post by Info-Mac » November 6th, 1995, 11:00 am


Scrooge v2.0 kills the merryxmas hypercard virus and a good number of its
possible mutations. Also at your option inserts "antibodies" into your
stacks so that they become "immune" to this virus. The antibodies are
quite inert, but they may trigger other merryxmas virus detection

There were never any bug reports from the old version, but it did contain
a, er... design flaw. To depict graphically that the new version has a
better design, the icon has been changed from an elderly man to an elderly

This stack is free; It is provided as a public service. Not as fancy or
powerful as some of the other merryxmas vaccine programs, but smaller. Get
merryxmas vaccine AND Scrooge even if you don't think you're infected to
maximize herd immunity from this annoying pest. I hope the author of the
merryxmas virus comes down with terminal crab lice.

Scrooge may be freely copied and distributed as long as you don't modify it.

Send comments, bug reports re: this stack to [email protected] or
[email protected]

The following text file lists viruses detected by all versions of Virex since
1.0. It also lists UDV codes for viruses discovered since version 3.5. The
list came from the Datawatch forum on America Online.

Disclaimer: I have no relation to Datawatch/Virex other than being a
customer. If you have any problems with Virex, please contact Datawatch

Alan Coopersmith Internet: [email protected]
U.C. Berkeley Open Computing Facilty America Online (AOL): AlanC Utah

Virex Version Information and UDV Codes
for Recently Discovered Viruses
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