WormScanner 2.0.1 (an AutoStart worm remover)

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WormScanner 2.0.1 (an AutoStart worm remover)

Post by Info-Mac » July 30th, 1998, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/vir/worm-scanner-201.hqx

This program scans your local drives for the AutoStart 9805 worm variants,
and will also alert you to unknown files with suspiciously similar
properties. It is based on published descriptions of the activities of
these worms. I have not
personally tested it on real worms.

Worms may lurk inside disk image files, but unless the disk image is
mounted, WormScanner will not be able to look inside.

WormScanner requires Color QuickDraw, meaning that it will not run on
machines that use the original 68000 processor.
-- James W. Walker
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