Autostart Worm Cleaner lite 98/05/22

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Autostart Worm Cleaner lite 98/05/22

Post by Info-Mac » June 1st, 1998, 9:00 am

Download: ... r-lite.hqx

Autostart Worm Cleaner lite
Release 98/05/22
Version 1.0.1

The Autostart Worm Cleaner lite is an Applescript that removes known
autostart worms. This release recognizes:
- Autostart worm 9805
- Autostart worm 9805-B
- Autostart worm 9805-C

The script requires the scripting additions Jon's Commands and
Processes (part of Script Tools). It should run on any system with
AppleScript installed.

Copyright 1998, Tom N Harris

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