BugScan 1.0b1 Revision

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BugScan 1.0b1 Revision

Post by Info-Mac » October 31st, 1998, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/vir/bscan-2.hqx

BugScan 1.0b1

October 23, 1998

BugScan is freeware - by downloading this file, you agree to use it at your own risk.

This application was mainly designed for our clients to determine if they do in fact have the AutoStart and Graphics Accelerator files on their hard drives. These viruses have become real pests for many of us. Make sure you use Virex or Norton Anti Virus if you get a red light (and then call your local computer consultant). If you get a green light, bonus! If you don't own one of these applications already, make one of them your next purchase.

BugScan will detect all files for all strains of the AutoStart 9805 Worm current at 10/23/98 as well the Graphics Accelerator Extension (GAX). BugScan will also detect any combination of these files. Click BugScan's 'Help' button to read more about the viruses themselves.

We strongly recommend that you restart your Mac with extensions off (holding down the 'shift' key) before running BugScan. You can now restart your Mac from directly within BugScan if needed.

BugScan gives you two scanning options:

Quick Scan Method

Checks for AutoStart and Graphics Accelerator files in their exact locations on the selected volume. This method does a top level scan and a system level scan on the selected volume (a system level scan is performed only if there is a System Folder on the selected volume).

Full Scan Method

Checks for AutoStart and Graphics Accelerator files in all locations on the selected volume - in other words, everywhere. Note that the full scan method takes much longer and even longer yet when scanning network volumes. This is, however, the recommended method.

BugScan gives you three menu options:

Install 9805 Defense

Creates invisible, locked folders in the appropriate locations on your startup disk to combat the AutoStart 9805 Worm.

Install GAX (Graphics Accelerator) Defense

Creates an invisible, locked folder in the Extensions Folder on your startup disk to combat the Graphics Accelerator Virus.

Open QuickTime Control Panel

Opens the QuickTime Control Panel and prompts you to turn the "Enable CD-ROM AutoPlay" function off. BugScan quits immediately after opening the Control Panel.

If BugScan locates any virus applications and/or virus reference files, BugScan will attempt to remove them. If any of the files are already in use (infecting your hard drive), BugScan warns you and prompts you to delete them manually. BugScan will do its very best to make any invisible files visible and to move all these files to the trash. If this is not necessary, the files will be deleted but you'll still need to do a proper virus scan to see if the rest of your Mac has been infected. Hopefully not.

Running BugScan does not make your Mac instantly 'safe'! Everyone needs to practice "safe computing" from now on!

Remember to do a proper virus scan using Virex or Norton Anti Virus. The bad news is that if you've been infected for some time now, you'll probably be looking at a complete reformat and re-install. The best advice we can give you is to get on this ASAP.

We do not provide free technical support for freeware (nor free technical support for virus-hunting, troubleshooting and maintenance).

Good luck...

Long Live Apple!

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Written By Mark Weston
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