Disinfectant 3.7.1

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Disinfectant 3.7.1

Post by Info-Mac » July 13th, 1997, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/vir/disinfectant-371.hqx

Disinfectant 3.7.1 is a new release of our free anti-viral utility for the

3.7.1 Release Notes (July 9, 1997)

Version 3.7.1 fixes an error which could sometimes cause crashes when
scanning very rare kinds of files while pass the new "more lenient"
check for damaged resource forks which was introduced in 3.7.

3.7 Release Notes (July 7, 1997)

Version 3.7 detects a minor variation of the MBDF B virus which was
properly detected by the 3.6 INIT but not by the 3.6 application.

The Disinfectant manual now discusses the Microsoft macro virus problem.
The introductory text displayed in Disinfectant's main window warns that
Disinfectant does not recognize the macro viruses and refers the user to
the manual for more details.

The "All Disks" command in the "Scan" menu has been changed to "All
Local Disks". This command now only scans local disks, not network
AppleShare servers.

The "All Disks" command in the "Disinfect" menu has been changed to "All
Local Unlocked Disks". This command now only disinfects local unlocked
disks, not network AppleShare servers or locked disks like CD-ROMs or
locked floppies.

If you want to scan or disinfect servers, scan or disinfect them
individually, or use the "Some Disks" commands in the "Scan" and
"Disinfect" menus.

John Norstad

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