Eradicator kills new Mac worm. Freeware.

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Eradicator kills new Mac worm. Freeware.

Post by Info-Mac » May 11th, 1998, 9:00 am


Eradicator v.1.0.1 is freeware which removes the new Mac worm Autostart
9805. It is released as a service to Mac users by Hong Kong IT company
Uptown Solutions Ltd.

Autostart 9805 infects PPC Mac OS systems (7 & 8) with QuickTime 2.0 or
above and with mounted HFS or HFS+ volumes and CD-ROM AutoPlay enabled. It
adds invisible files to every disk partition and periodically causes
extensive disk activity (and network activity if network disks are
mounted). Will overwrite some data files with random data. The worm can be
transmitted via almost any HFS or HFS+ disk volume, including floppy disks,
most removable cartridges drives, MO disks, CD-WORM disks, hard disks and
even disk images. The worm will also spread across networks to any mounted
network file partition.

Although Autostart 9805 can be removed manually using a resource editor,
Eradicator was written to ease the process. Click the Scan button to start
scanning the mounted volumes. Eradicator will report what it finds in a
window. If it finds the virus on any of the mounted volumes, it will
attempt to fix it. If the attempt is successful, a placeholder will be put
in place so that your computer is immune to future infection.

3.1 Meg Stuffit file has full documentation. Swept with Disinfectant 3.7.1

Uploader hereby disclaims any responsibility for loss of data or other
damages resulting from usage of this file.
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