CP290 Director X 1.3 - Controls X10 CP290 Controller

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CP290 Director X 1.3 - Controls X10 CP290 Controller

Post by Info-Mac » December 29th, 2004, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/app/cp-290- ... r-13-x.hqx

CP290 Director X is Macintosh software that controls the original X10
home automation computer controlled interface, model number CP290. It
completely replaces the Macintosh software that comes with the CP290,
and has unique features not found in other Macintosh-based CP290

In addition to standard CP290 features, CP290 Director X supports the
following types of events stored in the CP290: sunrise and sunset
events, events with specific dates and repeat intervals, and even and
odd day events.

X10 systems usually work reasonably reliably, turning on or off the
selected module when the CP290 commands it. However, occasionally noise
or interference in your wiring can cut reliability whereby a module is
not turned on or off at the requested time. The best solution to this
problem, if acute, is to install noise filters, signal bridges, or
amplifiers. However, you may find that CP290 Director X solves the
problem for you. CP290 Director X allows you to optionally specify that
each "on" event should be sent more than once to the module, and/or
that each "off" event should be sent more than once. Thus, if the first
command to turn off doesn't work, the second or third one might. If you
specify that an event should be sent more than once, it will be sent
the specified number of times (two to four) at one minute intervals.

System requirements:
MacOS 10.1.5 or higher.

For more information, visit the CP290 Director X Web page:


John Woodward
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