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Info-Mac Digest V19 #67

Post by Info-Mac » August 14th, 2002, 5:30 pm

Subject: Info-Mac Digest V19 #67
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Info-Mac Digest Wed, 14 Aug 02 Volume 19 : Issue 67

Today's Topics:

[*] [Disk Watcher 1.1] Automatically check disks for corruption
[*] VectorFileConvertor for MacOS-X 0.1 Bet
Email spam
Optical ADB Mouse?

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Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 10:42:25 -0400
From: Kimball Kramer
To: [email protected]
Subject: 666 EXTENSION

I'm running Mac OS 9.0.4 on a G4. I have an unknown file in my
Extensions folder called "666". It has another character before the
name to make it load last. It reappears trashing it when I restart.
Does anyone know what application it belongs to and what it does?

Thank you,

Kimball Kramer


Date: 14 Aug 2002
From: Sander Tekelenburg
Subject: [*] [Disk Watcher 1.1] Automatically check disks for corruption

"Disk Watcher" fully automates Disk First Aid to check your disks for
corruption. Results are logged. What action to (automatically) take when a
disk problem is found is 100% customizable!

The idea is "damage prevention" - disk errors can go unnoticed, resulting in
even more errors until finally things go really wrong. Checking your disks on
a regular basis is just good "disk-keeping". Disk Watcher automates that for

The Disk Watcher installer will put everything in place. It gives you the
option to have Disk Watcher launched on every startup, or just once per day
at startup. Alternatively you can have a cron launch it at whatever interval
you deem appropriate.

- Disk Watcher allows you to exempt disks from being checked based on the
kind of disk (locked, ejectable) and/or based on the disk's name.
- Disk Watcher allows you to have your own custom actions take place (which
can even overrule Disk Watcher's default action) when a disk problem is
found. Such an action might be to automatically launch another disk repair
utility, but may also be to launch your own home grown scripts... Powerful

System Requirements:
- Works under Mac OS 7.5 through 9.x
- Disk First Aid 8.2 or higher
- AppleScript needs to be enabled

- If the startup disk was busy and couldn't be checked, Disk First Aid was
quit instead of left running. Fixed.
- If Disk First Aiad encountered a diskproblem it cannot fix, Disk Watcher
would give up. Disk Watcher now correctly logs the error and continues.
- When upgrading, the installer could accidentally revert your Disk Watcher
settings to the default settings. Fixed.
- If you trash the preferencess file ("DW Config" in the "Disk Watcher
Preferences Folder") Disk Watcher will now install a fresh copy the next time
it runs.
- You can now define how often Disk Watcher will retry to check a busy disk.
- Placing the text of error messages on the clipboard is now optional and is
off by default. You should probably only switch it on if you are having
problems with Disk Watcher and want to send the author the error message you
are getting. Like all other options, this option can be switched on in Disk
Watcher's configuration file ("DW Config", in the Disk Watcher Preferences
folder). This option only works under Mac OS 8.5 and above.
- Made some improvements to upgrade process.
- Added a note about a conflict with "Control PPP" to the "known problems"
********** ABSTRACT CROPPED **********

[Archived as /info-mac/disk/disk-watcher-11.hqx; 168 K]


Date: 14 Aug 2002
From: Andrew Lindesay
Subject: [*] VectorFileConvertor for MacOS-X 0.1 Bet

VectorFileConvertor for MacOS-X
from Lindesay Electric
(c) Andrew Lindesay 2002


Latest versions, contacts etc... -- visit:


To install, copy this application to your /Applications
folder. Double click and review the instructions in


Many Windows applications can export or save to WMF files.
WMF stands for "Windows Meta File" and is a vector and
bitmap graphics format. Unfortunately, this format is
only really common on the Windows platform. Hence this
utility is able to take a WMF file and export it to PDF
such that MacOS-X applications can render and use the
drawings and images.

There are some limitations in this conversion process,
and this is only a first beta. If you have any
difficulty converting your WMFs, we would like to hear
from you -- ensure that you can build a test case that
is less than 256 kilobytes in size and get in touch with
us on .

Please check for notes or new
versions that might pertain to your problem.

[Archived as /info-mac/gst/grf/vector-file-convertor-01b.hqx; 133 K]


Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 14:14:36 -0400
From: k44h
To: The Info-Mac Network
Subject: Email spam

After reading Adam's article in a recent MacWorld and in an effort to start
eliminating spam I googled my email address (not the one I'm now using) and
discovered 6 hits - all info-mac archive items. Is there a way to clear out
email addresses from those files?
I'm not saying all those messages encouraging me to increase the size of
various things are a result of info-mac's archives, but, as a lesson, don't
use your primary email address anywhere on-line or in an email likely to be



Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 12:14:01 -0500
From: "Chaz Larson [lists]"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Optical ADB Mouse?

>From: Allan Hunter
>I have this notion that in the era before iMac and USB I used to see
>ads for optical ADB mice for the Mac. Anyone verify this? Testify
>as to their quality?

These beasts did exist. The one I remember was from Mouse Systems; I think it was
called the A3.

They weren't as nice as today's optical mice. The main problem was that they used
special metal mousepads with a grid printed on them. If you scratched the pad up too
badly your optical mouse would stop working or skip around.

I can't imagine anyone's still producing them; Mouse Systems appears to be gone.



Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 10:45:31 -0400
From: Kimball Kramer
To: [email protected]

I am running MacOS 9.0.4 on a G4. I once saw a shareware or freeware
program called "InstaCalc" that allowed automatic calculation to be
done in a table within Microsoft MS Word. Does anyone know where I
can go to download this utility, or can you e-mail it to me as an
attachment? I have searched the standard shareware databases that I
know of and can find no reference to it.

Thank you in advance,

Kimball Kramer



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