MICR E13B Type Typeface

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MICR E13B Type Typeface

Post by Info-Mac » January 29th, 2000, 11:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/font/13b-micr-font.hqx

Version: 01/29/2000
Shareware $39.95

The MICR E13B Match font emulates the special printers or printer cartridge
used to print the special characters at the bottom of checks used in the US
and Canada. It is provided in both TrueType and PostScript format.

With a laser printer it is possible to print checks without using
pre-printed stock. This allows greater flexibility and the creation of
custom applications for instance the printing of check fac-simile for
payment over electronic transactions with checks.

The MICR E13B Match font has been successfully used by hundreds of US and
Canadian companies. The later is very important since canadian standards
are stricter than US ones and some cheap fonts available will not pass. The
documentation also indicates how to test MICR printing.

The registered version comes with information about where to find magnetic
toner how to implement the font and other valuable information about MICR

This font has numbers and blocky check characters only.
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