TankWars 2.0.0

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TankWars 2.0.0

Post by Info-Mac » August 20th, 1999, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/game/arc/tank-wars-200.hqx

Tank Wars 2.0.0 is finally available! Tank Wars is a futuristic battle
simulation game between tanks. Play against the computer or another human
player. The tank battles take place in an arena in post nuclear Las Vegas
where other competitive tank drivers compete with each other. Whenever you
win a battle with the computer player, you will be given a certain amount
of money that can be used to buy power up items for your tank. The object
of the game is to gradually gain money to buy items to upgrade your tank.
When your tank is sufficiently powerful, you may attempt to defeat the
final boss tank (Select "Final Boss" from the Difficulty Menu). BEWARE:
The Final Boss is SMART and TOUGH! But if he is defeated you will find
that the reward was well worth the trouble. Tank Wars is shareware - the
fee is $5. Once the fee is paid, any program or upgrade I produce will be
yours for FREE, plus I will send you a registration code that will make
your tanks more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

New features since version 1.0.2:
The improvements from version 1.0.2 are:

- Now you can fire as many shots as you want (up to 10)!
- The "Arena" window will size itself depending on your monitor size.
- The music feature is now enabled allowing you to listen to any of your
favorite MIDI's while playing the game!
- Better sound effects
- "Phasers" is now the most powerful weapon (Damage is 100 per hit)
- Completely optimized source code. If you wish to obtain a copy of the
source code, please send e-mail to me at: [email protected]
- The direction in which you can fire your weapon is no longer dependent
upon the direction in which you happen to be going.

System requirements:
* System 6.8 or greator
* Mac needs a 68020+ CPU to run Tank Wars
* Mac needs a 68030+ CPU to play Tank Wars MIDI's
* Works best on fast MAC's (ie: 68040+CPU and clock speeds of 60MHz+)

For more information, please read the Read Me file enclosed, or send e-mail to
[email protected]

Richard C. Ballantyne
Sabe Software Company

I give permission for my program to be included on the Info-Mac CD-ROM.
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