Tracktor Beam v1.2

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Tracktor Beam v1.2

Post by Info-Mac » August 20th, 1999, 9:00 am

Download: ... eam-12.hqx

Tri-Bar has released Tracktor Beam v1.2, a new shareware action game for the
Mac, written by William Thimbleby. In Tracktor Beam, it's your job to ferry
objects from one location to another using your tracktor beam. More
information and a download link is available from the Tracktor Beam
Web page.

The new version of Tracktor Beam solves some problems it was having with
PPC machines and also includes the following enhancements:

Fully FAT
InputSprocket support (PPC only)
Compression, for reduced program size
Can now play music CDs, instead of our music (PPC only)

Co-author Matthew Dolan has also developed another product called
TheMouse2B. Using TheMouse2B, users of two-buttoned Mac mice can map
different modifier keys to be bound by the buttons, extending the
playability of games like StarCraft.

Newer versions of both products can be downloaded from our website at

Direct download links are:
Tracktor Beam - ... am.sit.hqx
TheMouse2B - ... 2B.sit.hqx

If you review either product please could you send a copy of the article to
me at [email protected]

If you were going to put Tracktor Beam on a cover CD etc. please could
you make sure that it is this version due to the bug in the previous
release (v1.1) which causes Tracktor Beam to fail unless a CD is
inserted into the CD drive.


Matthew Dolan
Tri-Bar Software
[email protected]
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