PresentMovie 1.4

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PresentMovie 1.4

Post by Info-Mac » April 11th, 2002, 9:00 am


PresentMovie - a simple utility for playing QuickTime compatible movies,
full screen
(c) 2002 by Roland Gustafsson, All Rights Reserved

What does PresentMovie do?

PresentMovie plays QuickTime compatible movies (.mov, .mpg or VCDs)
stretched to fit the full screen.

The main reason I wrote PresentMovie was to allow my children to easily view
QT movies without having to go through the multiple steps required in
QuickTime Player Pro. (cmd-O to open movie, cmd-M for present movie, select
full screen with mouse, click OK)

How do I use it?

PresentMovie is unusual in that it doesn't have a standard user interface.
You can use it in a few different ways:

1) Drag one or more movies to PresentMovie and they are played one after the

2) Drag a folder containing movies to PresentMovie and they are played.
(Only the movies in the immediate folder.)

3) Place a copy of PresentMovie in a folder with one or more movies and then
simply launch PresentMovie which scans the folder in which you launched it
for movies which it then plays.

4) Drag a VCD icon to PresentMovie and it is played. (MacOS 8.1-9.2 only)

Keyboard commands:

--- Movie Size ---
0 - half size
1 - normal size
2 - double size
3 - fill screen maintaining aspect ratio (default)
(Note that 0-3 match the equivalent cmd-keys in QuickTime Player)
4 - fill screen completely (will distort if aspect ratio of movie doesn't
match monitor)
- - reduce size
+ - increase size
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