NewsHunter Classic 2.0.1

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NewsHunter Classic 2.0.1

Post by Info-Mac » July 12th, 2002, 9:00 am

Download: ... ic-201.hqx

NewsHunter Classic 2.0.1 ... index.html
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NewsHunter Classic 2.0.1, a shareware program for those who have not yet
upgraded to Mac OS X, allows one to quickly and easily download images
and files from usenet newsgroups. This release see more than 300
changes, fixes, and improvements over the 1.x release. Among the new
features are fully threaded decoding and assembly of files, Archer
multimedia veiwer technology built in, improved article queue functions,
support for StuffIt Expander as MIME helper, support for yEnc decoding,
automatic folder creation for subscribed newsgroups, self-healing
folders, easy file management, and more.

NewsHunter Classic requires a Macintosh computer running Mac OS 8.6 or
better and CarbonLib 1.4.

The NewsHunter Classic binaries may be included on commercial available

Unregistered versions of US$49.95 application are fully functional, will
not time out during a session, and will never expire but will, however,
occasionaly ask you to register. Tech support is available to
unregistered and registered users.
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