My Mac Magazine #27

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My Mac Magazine #27

Post by Info-Mac » June 4th, 1997, 9:00 am


Here what¹s in this issue:

Where has all the good ezines gone? Tim Robertson looks at just that
this months in ³A Few Words²

Pete Miner sets his Mac to fire, and asks the eternal question: I wonder
if I will wind up dead²? (Miner Thoughts)

Brian Koponen has a great new article on ³Networks²

The newly titled ³The Readers Voice² this month features My Mac reader
John Nemerovski¹s look at AT&T¹s World Net service. A must read if you
are thinking of switching your Internet Provider over to the long
distance giant...

Of course, all the regular gang is here, including Wall Writings, The
Starting Line, Tech Tips, Bits & Pieces, The Senior Macintosh Center,
and more!

Once again, we have a very special report on Mac OS 8.0. What¹s new?
What¹s changed? Adam has all the answers!

Reviewed this month: A-10 Cuba! MT-Newswatcher 2.3.1 Eudora Light 3.1
Menutasking Enabler 1.0 Finder Windows 1.2.2 Power Windows 1.2.1
Strip68k 1.0a1 Nisus Writer 5.0.4 Ortograf 1.0 (Game Guys)

Hope you enjoy the issue! We think it is a great one!:-)

Tim Robertson Publisher, My Mac Magazine
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