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Hi all,

I've just launched a site that I think should interest those of you who have been using Info-Mac since the beginning. hopes to serve as the definitive archive of Macpaint art from the 1980s. When Apple created this software and released it with the original Mac, it changed the concept of what computers could be used for. These were not just text- and number-processing machines, they could create incredible visual work as well. But with the pace of technology, we're in danger of losing all the early digital art that this technology made possible. If all the 400k and 800k disks full of Macpaint files are even still around, they're probably deteriorating and becoming unreadable. Thus, hopes to preserve what it can of the beginnings of digital art. Some of you may still have your old files, and may know others who do, so please get in touch at joel((at))macpaint[[dot]]org and do your part to preserve digital art history before it's too late. No matter if your drawings weren't exactly museum quality -- we need to document all types of uses of Macpaint, not just the professionals. Check out the site and please get in touch!

Joel Cretan
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