Sputnix 0.8.2B; a Mac OS X music sharing client for audiogalaxy.com

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Sputnix 0.8.2B; a Mac OS X music sharing client for audiogalaxy.com

Post by Info-Mac » May 3rd, 2002, 9:00 am

Download: http://archive.info-mac.org/inet/sputnix-082.hqx

Sputnix v0.8.2B - 2002.05.02

freeware - not affiliated with Audiogalaxy in any way, shape, or form

[email protected]

- probably most compliant AudioGalaxy client for Mac OS X using 0.608
- 100% Cocoa -- support for long file names, and all that good stuff
- resumable downloads
- multiple simultaneous downloads

_What's New_
- actually removed localizations; .8B would behave badly (crash or just
not work) for users of German, Dutch, Swedish, and French systems
- uploads requests are no-longer case sensitive; previously Sputnix
could fail to upload a song because the request's capitalization was
different than the actual file
- added Customize Toolbar option to the window menu (although any
toolbar in Mac OS X is customizable my control-clicking on it)
- added "Pro" feature set:
- added iTunes integration; Sputnix can automatically add newly
downloaded songs to a selected iTunes playlist
- added playlists drawer; you can drag and drop transfers in Sputnix
onto individual iTunes playlists
- added autofiling; Sputnix can now attempt to automatically file new
downloads in folders named for the artist; "loose matching" option
allows for phonetic matching of artists' names
- added autofiling window; you can also autofile the contents of
arbitrary folders
- Sputnix now makes a temporary copy of active transfers when previewing
them (some users had found that previewing active transfers could result
in corrupt MP3s)
- added extensive help system
- added pro features welcome window
- transfer log should update more quickly when a transfer begins or ends
- added Sputnix Database window which shows you all the songs Sputnix
has found and how they've been reported to Audiogalaxy
- added option to change the location of the cache folder
- password is now sent to Audiogalaxy in all-lowercase (Audiogalaxy
passwords are always lowercase, no matter what you entered when you
signed up)
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