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Post by Info-Mac » May 23rd, 2004, 9:00 am

Download: ... or-09b.hqx

GravityWells 0.9b with Level Editor

Control Gravity with your mouse to guide a lost ship through 20
exciting levels. Each time you click on the screen, the Gravity Well is
moved to the new position, changing how the ship is attracted,
affecting it's speed and trajectory. This way you can manouver the ship
around to find an exit to the next level.

Difficult to grasp? Just turn the trajectory mode on and you'll see
exactly how a possible click of the mouse would affect the trajectory
of the ship.

But don't think you can just start clicking as much as you want!!! Each
level has a maximun number of times you can click. After that, you'll
begin losing points, so try to find the perfect spots to click, with
the perfect timing, to complete the levels with as few clicks as

GravityWells is an open source arcade game from Makasoft. Play as much
you want, just send me an email telling me what you think, and if you
got any problems with the game. It's still a beta, and although I've
worked quite a lot to remove the bugs, some may still be there....

Now you can also create your own levels and share them with your


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