BTV 5.4.1 - Video capture software

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BTV 5.4.1 - Video capture software

Post by Info-Mac » May 3rd, 2002, 9:00 am



BTV is an application for the Macintosh that allows you to easily view
and capture video. It works with any Macintosh compatible video input
source such as video input cards, TV cards, built-in video, USB, DV, and
FireWire video sources.

Main features

- Works with any Macintosh compatible video input source
- View video in a window or full-screen
- Capture video to disk as a standard QuickTime movie using custom
compression settings
- Capture frames of video to disk in many different file formats (PICT,
JPEG, TIFF and more)
- Save captured files to a pre-defined destination with an automatic name
- Capture movies to several hard disks in sequence
- Multiple monitor support: play video full screen on any monitor
attached to your computer
- Automatic monitor resolution switching
- Channel changing on ixTV and TurboTV tuner cards
- AppleScript support
- Includes the macgix LiveCam AppleScript to turn BTV into a Webcam

Minimum System requirements

PowerMac with video input hardware running system 8 and QuickTime 3.0
(QuickTime 5 recommended, especially for use with USB video input
BTV uses 2MB of RAM.

Terms and conditions

BTV is Shareware, which means that you can try it out completely free of
charge before you buy. You are entitled to try it out for a trial period
of 15 days, after which time you must register if you wish to continue to
use the software. Before registration all features are available however
a reminder message will pop up every 8 minutes. BTV costs just US$20.
The easiest way to register is online at:
You can also register by post, email, fax, or phone. For more information
see the file 'How to register' that came in the BTV folder.

By using this software you are bound by the terms of the license
agreement. See the file 'License agreement' that came in the BTV folder
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