double clicking on Netware

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double clicking on Netware

Post by Info-Mac » March 12th, 1997, 11:00 am

Download: ... ant-12.hqx

Extension Informant for Macintosh and Power Macintosh v1.2, Copyright ©1995-97,
Joseph Cicinelli. All Rights Reserved. Released on February 19, 1997

Purpose: Ever wonder what that unfamilar extension in your System Folder did or
what it was used for? Have you ever puzzled over why a particular extension
didn't work correctly or wondered if you had an extension installed correctly?
Well, this program was written to answer these questions and more! In its basic
form, Extension Informant is a hypertext-based help system and uses AppleScript
to assist it in performing certain Finder-related tasks such as copying or moving
files. In addition to its application-like behavior, it also possesses a
drag-and-drop interface that permits you to drop an unfamilar extension on its
icon to discover the extension's purpose (if it's in the database of course! ).

In addition to adding approximately 30 new extensions and descriptions, Internet
web links (URLs) have been added for each of the extensions so that finding the
latest update or locating the software will be much easier. Clicking on one of
these will launch your internet web browser and load the desired site.

Requirements: 1. 4 MB of RAM and approximately 3.1 MB of disk space.

2. To take full advantage of Extension Informant's powerful trouble shooting
capabilities, you will need to have AppleScript 1.1 or later installed. If you
are currently using System 7.5 or later, you have AppleScript installed and
simply need to make sure it is active and loaded at startup. The Finder
Scripting Extension will also need to be loaded as well as the English Dialect
file inside the Scripting Additions folder within the Extensions Folder.

3. If you have a PowerPC, the program is a Fat Binary and can thus take
advantage of your machine's speed!

Joe Cicinelli Macintosh/Newton Developer [email protected] Frontier Scripting Geek


I saw your problem (on Info-Mac) about double clicking files and not being
able to launch application on the server.

We have had that problem on some of our macs. Not all of them though. I
recently got the latest NetWare client files for the Mac. On the disk is a
file called Extension Mapper. I read the ReadMe file on the disk. Here is
what it says:

( I appologize, this is long. But I thought all of it would be of interest
to you).

Extension Mapper 1.0 Read Me
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