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ICeTEe 2

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ICeTEe 2
by Michael Schuerig, 1997

This is an enhanced version of the ICeTEe goody included with Internet
Config by Peter N. Lewis and Quinn "The Eskimo". You need to have Internet
Config anyway to use ICeTEe 2 so please have a look at their ReadMe as
well. The information therein applies as well.


Drop ICeTEe 2 into your Extensions folder (and remove the original ICeTEe
if it's installed). ICeTEe 2 is active after you restart your Mac. Then it
works the same as ICeTEe: you can command-click a URL almost everywhere to
open it in the appropriate helper application as set in Internet Config.
The additional functionality is that if you hold down the option key the
URL is not launched, but instead it is send to a bookmark helper

Included is a very simple AppleScript application that understands this
bookmark message. On the first launch you are prompted to select a folder
where to put your URLs. URLs send to this message get saved as a Netscape
Navigator document. When you open this document Navigator tries to open
the contained URL.

Version 2 fixes no bugs in functionality (from 2b5). Only the ReadMe has
changed, but I hope it will end my maintenance nightmare caused by the
included Bookmark Handler app.

While you are visiting an info-mac mirror grab the opportunity to get
GTQLib from the dev/osa folder!

Michael Schuerig
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