NewtATut 1.4 (Newt application tutorial)

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NewtATut 1.4 (Newt application tutorial)

Post by Info-Mac » December 9th, 1996, 11:00 am

Download: ... 4-book.hqx

NewtATut 1.4 (Newt Application Tutorial) is a Newton book version based on an
article "Building Native Newton Applications with Newt" that appeared in PDA
(formerly PIE) Developers, Vol. 2.4, July 1994; pp.14-18. This interactive
tutorial will show how you can develop a simple application in NewtonScript
and save a package directly on your Newton using Newt.

Keywords: tutorial, Newt, object-oriented programming, application development
environment, NewtonScript, NTK.

Changes in 1.4 (24 Nov 96)
- added info button, URL-oriented about box to example
- updated to work with Newt 3.3
- book created with Newt's Cape 1.3 from HTML; package compressed

NewtATut -- the book -- is freeware. "Newt" -- the native programming
environment for developing applications using NewtonScript -- is shareware.
Newt is not required to use this book, nor must it be registered to try
NewtATut. If you have Newt installed on your Newton, you can build and test
the application incrementally as you read. (You should be able to find Newt
on the same server/service where you found this book, under a Newton
application or development directory, with a name similar to newt33.sit/.zip
or newt-devenv-33.sit.hqx). This version of NewtATut works with Newt version 3.3
(and greater). See also NewtTurT -- interactive turtle tutorial.

Steve Weyer
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[email protected], [email protected]
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