My Mac #21, January 1996

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My Mac #21, January 1996

Post by Info-Mac » January 16th, 1997, 11:00 am


My Mac Magazine is a free monthly electronic magazine dedicated to
bringing you quality reading entertainment. We do not "talk down" or
"Talk Over" your head. The writers are Mac users just like you!

In this issue:
What is going on with NeXT and Apple? Grant Cassiday has a special "Bits
& Pieces" this month focusing on just that. A must read for those
interested in the future of the Macintosh.

The Macintosh Think Tank recently completed its first symposium, which
was held in Kent, Washington. The topic of discussion was, "What to
expect from the Macintosh Operating System in the year 2007." For full
coverage, read this months Miner Thoughts!

THREE interviews this month! First, we have Jason Rainbows, Icon and
graphics master. We also have Kevin Avila and Ben Martz, two people
looking to bring two new free Operating Systems to the Macintosh
platform, PowerOS and OpenOS.

WebTV by Brian Harniman looks at, you guessed it, WebTV!

Tech Tips by Jeramey Valley helps you in your day to day Mac needs, while
Barbara Bell Velazquez's "The Starting Line" is designed to help new Mac
users get the most from their computer.

Want more? Great! We also have Wall Writings, The Game Guys, Speech!, and
more! And if all that were not enough, be sure to check out our reviews!
This month:

NASCAR Racing!
World Wide Web Weaver 2.0
Eject Disk 2.10
Shutdown Delay 2.4
Disk Charmer 3.0.6

And of course, the editor and publisher talks about everything in

This issue sports a GREAT cover that should be a tee-shirt from Mike

Download today!

Be sure to visit My Mac on the Internet!
My Mac Magazine
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